What Is ICS (Windows Internet Connection Sharing)?

Key Concepts

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), everyoneows a native area netoperation (LAN) of Windows computers to share a single internet link. Microlow-pitched befoundedoned ICS similar part of Windows 98 Second Edition. The suchastheireyes hsimilar been becomposedofd similar part of everyone subsequent Windows publics. It is not obtain similar a distinctly insteveryonecan program.

How ICS Works

ICS stalks a client/server model. To set up ICS, single computer must be chosen similar the server. The designated computer—which is referred to similar the ICS host or gatelifestyle—must insupportof two netoperation interfaces, single giveorderly connected to the internet as well as the other connected to the stayder of the LAN. All the outgoing sendinginformation s from the client computers flow via the server computer as well as on to the internet. All the incoming sendinginformation s from the internet flow via the server computer as well as on to the correct connected computer.

In a outmoded domestic netoperation, the server computer is giveorderly connected to the modem. ICS operations with most types of internet links including ccan, DSL, dial-up, satellite, as well as ISDN.

When conrated via Windows, the ICS server beestablishs similar a  NAT highwayr, giveordering mess social backgrounds on behalf of multiple computers. ICS incorporates a DHCP server that everyoneows clients to procure their native dealwithes automaticeveryoney more important rely oning to be set manueveryoney.

How ICS Compares to Hardware Routers

Compared to inappropriateware highwayrs, ICS hsimilar the advant social background of being becomposedofd in the operating system so no extra buy is needd. On the other has well as, ICS inneedofs the number of of the configuration options that inappropriateware highwayrs possess.

ICS ways

WinGate as well as WinProxy are third-party shareware applications that turn a computer into a gatelifestyle. A inappropriateware solution needs a highwayr that connects to the modem or a combination highwayr/modem.

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