Definition of Computer Viruses

Key Concepts

Definition: In computer technology, virapplications are malicious low-pitchedware programs, a appears of malware. By definition, virapplications befound on native disk drives as well as spread from single computer to another via sharing of "infected" files. Common approachs for spreading virapplications becomposedof floppy disks, FTP file transfers, as well as reproduceing files between shared netoperation drives.

Once insteveryoneed on a computer, a virus may modify or remove application as well as system files. Some virapplications render a computer inopercan; others merely display startling analysis mess social backgrounds to unsuspecting applicationrs.

Advanced antivirus low-pitchedware programs befound to combat virapplications. By definition, antivirus low-pitchedware detects the contents of native inappropriate drives to recognize commoditys of information rename "sigqualitiesofsomethings" that match kpresentn virapplications. As novel virapplications are constructed, antivirus low-pitchedware manufacturers update their sigqualitiesofsomething definitions to match, then send these definitions to applicationrs via netoperation downloads.

Also Kpresentn As: malware

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